Exciting Club Change as we head into 2017

In October 2016 the Maryborough City Soccer Club held its annual general meeting. At this meeting many former committee members made the decision to retire from office and hand over the reins to a new committee. The result of the 2016 MCSC AGM was as follows:

New 2017 committee:

President: Jackson Barby Vice President: James Prime Secretary: Belinda Pritchard Treasurer: Tim Macdonell

Technical Director: Paul Micallef

Game day Marshall: Darren Hunt

Media Officer: Natalie Woods

Club Registrar: Peta Clarkson

Groundskeeper: Paul Micallef

Sponsorship Director: Jacinta Clifford

Canteen Co-ordinator: Amy Chaplin

Our new committee was given a baptism of fire, launching straight into preparations for the clubs EBT fundraiser. This was a mammoth task but in the end, thanks to some incredible dedication from our wonderful club volunteers, the event was an outstanding success with the club raising over $3,500 over the 3 days. A big thank-you to all who were involved with this fundraising activity.

Since October our new committee has also been working hard on re-branding our club. It was agreed by the new committee that the club needed a fresh new image to match the advances in our modern day sporting community. The first step in this process was to change the name of the club from 'Maryborough City Soccer Club' to simply the Maryborough Soccer Club. This was a lengthy process with consumer affairs which included re-writing the clubs constitution.

The next step was a complete overhaul of the current club logo. Whilst we all agreed that the old MCSC logo was well made artistically, it did not however do the job that it was intended to do, which is catch the eye of the community and make an immediate connection between the image, the sport of soccer and then the club. There was also incredible issues with the old logo when it came to club merchandise and jerseys. Because of this the decision was made for a new logo to be created by a professional designer. Steve was the designer approached from creativeretouching. He was given a design brief from the committee and as a result returned with several logo designs. After months of deliberation and minor adjustments, the new logo was agreed upon. The focus of the new logo is to be simple yet eye catching and effective. At the base of the logo there is an establishment date for the club, 1983. Whilst some members may have memories of the club existing before this date, we have decided as a committee to use the Clubs official incorporation date as recorded by Consumer affairs Victoria to be the 20th of November 1983.

The next step in our rebranding process was to clean up the clubs Facebook Profile and to simplify the system for our members and those in the local community who try to find us. This is an ongoing process however the club aims to have a new Facebook group and public page set up as soon as is possible.

A re-designed and simplified website was another step in our overall re-brand of the club. The website has been successfully launched and we hope that it provides an informational and communication base for our members.

Please let us know of your thoughts in regards to our re-branding in 2017, we look forward to hearing from you.

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