Key Dates for Local Competition to Pencil in

There is an undeniable sense of excitement that surrounds the Maryborough Soccer Club as we speak. With many of our younger players returning to school this week, all are keen for the Local Maryborough Soccer League to commence once again in 2017.

At our most recent committee meeting, held last Tuesday night, a large proportion of the discussions and agenda was focused on the local junior competition as we are just as keen to get back into it as the players.

Some Key dates were finalised with regard to the Local Competition:

Our Official Registration days will be held at the Maryborough Hockey fields on the following dates;

Monday March 20th from 5pm-7pm

Wednesday March 22nd from 5pm-7pm

Saturday March 25th from 9am-11am.

There will be training equipment available for the kids to kick around and practise their skills with on all of the registration dates, however there will be a game held for anyone interested at the conclusion of Registration on the Saturday morning, March 25th.

The MSC team understands that some of our members have difficulty using the new online registration system and will therefore have laptops on hand with internet access at all of our Registration days.

Registrations can now only be completed online and the club is currently waiting on approval from Football Federation Victoria before we can set up our packages online and registrations can be completed. As soon as these packages are set up then we will let all of our members know straight away so that they can head online and sign up.

The Committee encourages our members to sign up as soon as these packages are made available online. Members can register their children at any time as soon as these packages are online and do not have to wait for the official registration dates.

March 25th however will be the last day the MSC will be taking registrations as we want to start our season straight away on the 22nd of April.