MSC Registration 2017 FAQ

Hopefully this can help all of our members with thier registration questions.

MSC Registration 2017 FAQ:

Q: How much is Rego in 2017? ... A: Saturday Competition Under 7’s through to Under 16’s: 1 child = $85, 2 = Children $160, 3 Children = $225 and 4 Children = $280 BDSA Seniors: Over 18’s = $285, Under 18’s = $200

Q: When can we register? A: Registrations are open right now, you can simply go online at this website: Follow the prompts, select the appropriate ‘Maryborough SC’ package, pay online and then you’re all set for the start of the season.

Q: What if I am having trouble registering online? A: If you are having issues with the registration process, we are here to help! Just come down to our registration dates and we will have laptops set up with volunteers to help guide you through the process. The 2017 dates are: March 20th and 22nd from 5pm-7pm at the Maryborough Hockey Fields. March 25th from 9am-11am at the Maryborough Hockey Fields. If you can’t make these dates and still need some help, please email us:

Q: What are the age groups for the Saturday competition in 2017? A: Under 7’s, Under 9’s, Under 12’s and Under 16’s.

Q: When does registration need to be completed by? A: This year we have set the date for all registrations for the 2017 season to be completed by our last Registration date on the 25th of March.

Q: When does the Local Saturday season start? A: Saturday April 22nd. Please save the date!