2017 AGM

Seems as though its that time of the year again. The 2017 season is to officialy come to a close Tuesday night as the Annual General Meetng takes place. With pending retirements from the current committee, the opportunity is now there for some of our fantastic members to take up the call and do their part for this club. I speak from experience when i say being on the committee at the Maryborough Soccer Club is not a chore, but something to enjoy. It gives you so much life experience and also the opportunity to meet so many new people. So we encourage everyone to come along to our meeting this Tuesday night, 7pm at the Maryborough Golf Club and even if you don’t want an official position, just putting up your hand to help will benefit the club greatly. I know there are some amazing people within our club with some great ideas, this is your chance to share them! :D Of course, we can only do so much to encourage volunteer participation, at the end of the day the decision is yours. But please remember this, if we haven’t got the volunteers in 2018, it will be the players, the kids, who will unfortunately miss out as we can only provide so much opportunity with few hands…

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