2017 AGM Outcome

Presidents Reflection:

2017 Achievements:

  • Successful rebranding of Club – One of our first initiatives as a committee. Launching a new logo, updating our constitution to include a new name and refreshing the profile of our club.

  • Re-introduction of BDSA Senior Representation – Something many said wouldn’t happen again. To not only re-enter a team but to compete as we did and gain the support of both the league and the community is something all involved should be proud of.

  • Improving club documentation – Something our club has lacked for many years, we are now one of the most professionally run voluntary organisations in the area. Our Policy Manual will be an important asset for our club for many years to come.

  • Forming key sponsorship partnerships – Bringing in vital funding. After having not one sponsor in 2016, this was a key area of focus. Thank-you to Jacinta Clifford and to all the generous businesses in our area for making this possible.

  • Introducing a club Merchandise line - In 2017 we achieved what seemed impossible in previous years. Our members really engaged with club merchandise this season and it is fantastic to see club colours around town. Thank-you to Peta Clarkson for all her hard work with merchandise sales this season. This really helped spread our new brand within the community.

  • Increased Participation numbers – We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people player soccer in 2017. Our numbers have gone from around the 110 mark to 170 approximately. I believe this is due to our publicity efforts which included participating at the Get up and Go day and school programs. Also thanks must go to Natalie Woods for involving all schools in the area at the beginning of the season with our registration details.

  • New and improved online Profile - Communication with the public is key. In 2017 we have cleaned up our social media profile, creating a new, Public, Facebook page, as well as improved communication channels such as our club email and Teamapp. Another great asset is our new website which was launched earlier in the season. When compared to other sporting organisations, we are miles ahead when it comes to our online profile.

  • Fundraising – Our chocolate campaign was a great success this year, thanks goes to Jacinta for organising that. Our raffles also brought in a huge amount of money, always at 100% profit and that is a credit to Peta for going out and sourcing prizes every week. This was a huge job with big shoes to fill after Kim Duncans efforts over the previous two years and Peta should be incredibly proud of her efforts. One of our earlier projects was also the Energy Breakthrough fundraising effort which was a huge weekend for all involved. As a team we achieved a result we couldn’t of imagined previously. Thank-you to everyone involved.

  • Recognising our Volunteers – Something our club has lacked in previous years became a key focus for our committee and that was to recognise the efforts of our incredible volunteers. This also involved improved communication with volunteers which was evident with our coaches meeting and coaches manual which was developed and implemented before the start of the season. Our volunteer thank-you night was an event which hopefully won’t be the last of its kind was a great night and enjoyed by all. We also inducted a life member in 2017. Something that hasn’t been done at the club for a very long time.

  • Grand Final Day 2017 – As a team we delivered what was dubbed the best grand final day the club has ever held. Although it was a massive task, the day ran like clockwork which is a credit to all involved.

Key areas of Improvement for 2018:

  • Home Ground – Unfortunately very little progress has been made on securing a permanent home ground in 2017. This should become the number one priority for the 2018 committee.

  • Presentation Night – Although the 2017 presentation night was affected by miscommunication with the venue, improvements need to be made in terms of space, trophies and photos.

The 2017 season has been a wild ride. It’s been a big year for our committee with the workload being full-on for a majority of the season. I’d like to thank everyone on the committee for taking on more than would probably ever be expected of them. As President I had a lot I wanted to us to achieve this season which explains the heavy workload on our volunteers in 2017. I felt it was important to take this opportunity to make a real difference, it is easy just to take up a position, resist reinventing the wheel and continuing club operation as it has been done by so many before. I thank all on the committee for embracing this vision and working tirelessly towards making change.

One thing is for certain, nothing the club achieved this year would have been possible without our volunteers giving up their time. So I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation to all of our volunteers, from our committee, our canteen volunteers, our coaches, our referees, our ground marshal Darren Hunt and all other volunteers who have helped make soccer in Maryborough possible.

I believe our canteen coordinators Amy Chaplin and Lisa Gardam deserve their own thank-you as they have put in a huge effort this season. On a weekly basis, shopping for supplies, arriving as one of the first at the ground on game day and then operating the canteen every week, sacrificing their own time, and their ability to watch their own children in order to help raise much needed funds for our club.

On a personal note I would also like to thank Paul Micallef for officially nominated me for the position of President at the 2016 AGM. Paul showed great faith in my ability to nominate me for the position at such a young age. I’d like to think that his gamble has paid off. Being president of the Maryborough Soccer Club has been an experience I won’t forget. I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working alongside so many amazing people, I would like to thank all on the committee for their continued support throughout the season. I would also like to thank my family and friends for supporting me the entire journey. I can proudly say that I have been involved with an amazing team who has made a difference.

Lastly, I wish to thank all of the Maryborough Soccer club members both past and present who have embraced the changes we have made this year, this makes the job a lot easier.

Unfortunately, due to University commitments and personal reasons, I am unable to continue with the role in 2018 but I have full faith that our club will continue going in one direction and that is forward. I look forward to continuing with a position on the 2018 committee and if the opportunity arises once again to take on the role of President in years to come, I would have no hesitation to put my hand up once again.

Jackson Barby – 2017 MSC President

AGM Outcomes:

President: Tim MacDonell

Vice-President: James Prime

Secretary: Belinda Pritchard

Treasurer: Rachel MacDonell

Public Officer: Tim MacDonell

Technical Director: Jackson Barby

Sponsorship Director: Jacinta Clifford

Media Officer: Natalie Woods

Fundraising Director: Peta Clarkson

Club Registrar: Jackson Barby

Groundskeeper: Jeff Smith

Canteen Coordinators: Lisa Patterson and Amy Chaplin