July 25th Set for Soccer Return

Thankyou everyone for being so patient and supportive during this time, we are pleased to announce that our local junior soccer competition will be returning this year, starting July the 25th, but we will need your help.

To start, many protocols and restrictions will be put in place to ensure a safe environment. To begin with, if your child is sick or displaying flu-like symptoms they are not to train or play. If they have been around or have a member of the family who has had a confirmed COVID-19 case, they can not play. If a family member or player are undergoing a 14-day isolation they can not play. All of these requirements are the same as for school so they should sound familiar.

In regards to gameday and training, it is recommend that we ask for as few people to come to the games as possible. By this, we mean that having mum and dad is alright, but try to limit who is coming along to watch outside of that. We ask everyone to arrive no more than 10 minutes before games, and to leave immediately after the coach has finished talking to the players after the game.

We will have set entrance and exit points on the pitch, where hand sanitiser will be provided and required to be put on. When a fixture is released, we ask everyone to ensure they know what pitch they are playing on so that they can park closer to the designated entrance near where they play. It is also recommended to not use the public toilets unless unavoidable as a general precaution.

All spectators must socially distance within groups of ten. This means that people will watch in spaced out groups of ten all around the pitch. Players will put sanitiser on at half time of games and during breaks in training, as well as the playing ball disinfected.

There will be no canteen this year, so it is extremely important to bring your own water bottle. Water bottles must have the owners name easily identifiable to ensure no one uses someone else’s bottle, and sharing is not allowed.

Player tops, once received by the player, can not me returned until the end of the playing season. Because of this, washing them will be each individual players responsibility and a small uniform deposit will be taken, returned on the uniforms return.

In order for this season to happen however, we will need two things. The first is that due to protocols we must put in place, we will need the extra help this year. We will need people to commit to doing the following jobs:

  • Wiping down surfaces eg. handrails and player benches

  • Managing entrance/exit zones

  • Coaching

  • Running the Lines

  • Helping with organising exit from the ground

  • Helping with setting up on gameday

The second is that due to the restrictions put in place, doing registrations on the day of competition starting is impossible, so all registering must be done online. Also, to ensure that we are not spending all this time and effort and end up not having enough players, we will be checking to see if we have enough players on the 12th of July, where if we do not have enough players, we will not go ahead with competition. We will be putting up a video tutorial on registering online in the next couple of days.

Lastly, the club still has some chocolates from our fundraiser earlier this year, which due to the current environment we are choosing to sell for $30 for a box of 60 chocolates, let us know if you wish to buy any.

Thankyou everyone for your patience we are rapt with everyone’s support during these times. Please register online if you want to play this year as soon as possible to ensure we have enough numbers. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to get in contact with us on our Facebook page or via our email, maryboroughsoccer@gmail.com. Thanks everyone, we hope to see you all on the pitch soon!